Get to know Calgary, AB, Canada

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Calgary has been a major player when in terms of industrial land use in Alberta, Canada. It offers a wide array of heavy industries which includes manufacturing plants, equipment and supplies, services, transporting, shipping, warehousing, construction, retail and wholesale trade, real estate and development and more. The industrial land supports 15% of the city’s tax revenue and provides employment for more than 66,000. The city’s industrial land use has been growing since 2000, although it only occupies 8.5% of its landmass.

Another key contributor to the city’s economy is its goods movement sector. Calgary has been the dominant inland port for western Canada thanks to its geographic location relative to ports of the pacific and centers of population.

Calgary takes advantage of its connection, efficient service, lower average pay and lower taxes to dominate transportation. The city boasts two intermodal rail terminals, an upgraded international airport, having one of the biggest inland ports and having its own designated Foreign Trade Zone.

Other businesses and corporation dominates the economic playground in Calgary like the Canada Pacific Railway Ltd. It offers easy transportation that helps products to be shipped faster and safer. WestJet Airlines Ltd. also contributes to the growing economy of the city. The easy in and out of products and people due to air transportation makes it easier to do business in Calgary.

Energy’s role to Calgary contributes the biggest to its economy. Companies like AtlaGas, an energy company that provides utility to millions of customers in Canada. They are one of the direct suppliers of natural gas to businesses on Western Canada. The home of the 2800 employers of this big corporation is in Calgary.

The once agricultural lands now turned industrial lands in Calgary is required for the rising population in the city. The economy for heavy industries is currently growing and will continue to do so for the years to come.