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Seasonality for construction, manufacturing and other industrial / heavy industry companies has created an irregular need for shop space for repair and manufacturing. For example, even in what may be considered a 12 month construction season in Arizona, the Flagstaff area has a much shorter season than the rest of the state. Likewise, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has a construction season that runs from April to November (weather permitting). Manufacturing facilities have similar issues to construction; in the pursuit of efficiency (just in time, etc.) manufacturing has peak periods as well. Whether manufacturing Christmas holiday, summertime, or industrial goods, demand is not always even and so manufacturing demand is cyclical.

Because of industrial seasonality, construction, manufacturing, and commercial facility owners are sitting on empty shop space one or more times a year. How valuable is commercial real estate, in the US alone for 2019 was about $16 trillion. The decision to buy, lease, or rent shop space can be a difficult decision for some. For business owners who only need short-term use of shop space, renting is likely the best decision.

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) lists multiple activities that make use of shop space for Commercial and industrial machinery and equipment repair. The 811310 code of the NAICS covers repair of construction machinery and equipment, industrial equipment and machinery repair and maintenance, motor repair, reconditioning metal drums and shipping containers, repair of industrial cooling and refrigeration equipment, welding repair services and more.

Heavy industry, which has a large demand for shop space, contracts out services in oil and gas, auto manufacturing, and many other large industries. Often large industries create their own facilities in remote areas but the support companies deal with seasonality of demand and thus have varying need for shop space.

With a multitude of industries and service companies, in combination with seasonality of business demand, shop space owners have an opportunity to rent their space on a temporary basis while business owners have a need for extra space from time-to-time.